Code of Ethics – Guidelines and Organisational Model 231

Completing the ICS as described above are the: (i) Group’s Code of Ethics; (ii) Group’s Behavioural Guidelines; (iii) Organisational Model 231.

The Code of Ethics sets forth the general principles that inspire the development and conduct of business at Pirelli; it indicates the objectives and the values that inform its business activity. Pirelli, moreover, conducts its internal and external business activity in accordance with the Code of Ethics, in the belief that the company’s success cannot be separated from ethics in conducting its business. 

The Behavioural Guidelines, in particular, contain the “operational” definition of the principles of the Code of Ethics, and establish rules for the entire Group, that are designed to avoid situations that favour general criminal activity. 

The Code of Ethics and the Behavioural Guidelines are translated into all of the Pirelli Group languages (22 different languages).

Organisational Model 231 - which is subject to constant revision and updating due to changes to legislation - exists to ensure the optimisation of a system responding to specific requirements derived from the entry into force of Legislative Decree no.  231/2001 concerning the administrative liability of companies for crimes committed by its employees, and it is based on a pyramidal system of principles and procedures.

A summary of the guiding principles of the organisational model is available on Pirelli’s website.