The Supervisory Body

Overseeing operations and compliance with model 231, the Supervisory Body, vested with full economic independence, is composed of Prof. Carlo Secchi (Chairman), Elisabetta Magistretti (Independent Advisor),  Antonella Caru (Statutory Auditor), and Maurizio Bonzi (Internal Audit Manager). 

The Supervisory Body is also responsible for providing the impetus for the Board of Directors to adapt the organisational model to changes to the legal framework, to procedures followed, and to the type of business activity. The Body, on the other hand, reports to the Board of Directors with regard to the checks carried out and the results thereof.

Each member of the Supervisory Body is paid gross annual remuneration of 25 thousand euros.

The Supervisory Body, appointed by the Board of Directors on 10 July 2014, will expire at the same time as the Board of Directors that appointed it.