Strategy committee

At the date of this Report, the Strategy Committee is composed of seven members (three independent): M. Tronchetti Provera (Chairman), I. Sechin, D. Casimiro, A. Kostin, P. Fiorentino, L. Roth and M. Soffientini. The heads of the Investor Relations Department (Valeria Leone) and the Sustainability and Risk Governance Department (Filippo Bettini), act as secretaries.

The Committee has consultative and advisory functions in the definition of strategic guidelines and for the identification and definition of the terms and conditions of the individual operations of strategic importance. In particular, the Committee:

  • examines in advance strategic, industrial and financial plans, also long-term plans of the Company and of the Group to be submitted to the examination of the Board of Directors;
  • supports the Board to assess transactions, initiatives and activities of strategic importance and, in particular:
    • entry into new markets, both geographic and business;
    • industrial alliances (e.g. joint-ventures);
    • extraordinary transactions (merges, spin-offs, share capital increases or decreases other than decreases due to losses);
    • investment projects;
    • industrial and/or financial restructuring programmes and projects.
  • periodically examines the organisational structure of the Company and the Group presenting possible suggestions and opinions to the Board in this regard.