Other directors

The Board of Directors has named as executive directors the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Marco Tronchetti Provera, and the Deputy Chairman, Alberto Pirelli, the latter because of his operational posts in the subsidiary Pirelli Tyre.

In line with established business practice, in order to increase the directors’ and auditors’ (in particular of those appointed for the first time in Pirelli) knowledge of business reality and dynamics, informal meetings were held during the year to examine in depth certain business and corporate governance issues, through a structured induction programme, also with the support of Assonime and Assogestioni.

In particular, the induction programme, which consisted of various sessions with Pirelli’s senior management, dealt with:

  • "Strategic and financial planning";
  • "Product and operations";
  • "Corporate Governance: duties and responsibilities of the directors";
  • "Internal organisation. Incentive schemes. Investor Relations";
  • "Analysis of Corporate Governance and Organisational Model 231".