Role of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic leadership and oversight of all business activity, with power to direct the business as a whole and is competent to take the most important economic and strategic decisions, or in terms of structural incidence on the management, or the functions, of the exercise of the control and direction of Pirelli.

In carrying out its duties, the Board of Directors is supported by appropriate committees, created internally, responsible for investigations, advice and/or consultation, and managerial committees, composed of senior management, which implement the directives and policies established by the Board and the Chief Executive and co-operate with the latter for the definition of proposals to be submitted to the Board.

The Company Statutes provide for a minimum of Board meetings quarterly. Pirelli has released a calendar on the Pirelli website providing for six Board meetings in 2015.

The Directors and the Auditors have always received notice with the appropriate and adequate documentation and information necessary for them to express an informed opinion on the matters submitted for their consideration. 

In practice, documents subject to examination by the Board – drafted in several languages in order to facilitate the work of the Directors - shall be sent in ten days prior to the meeting. In limited and exceptional cases where it was not possible to send documentation this far in advance, complete information on the topic under consideration was given at the meeting, ensuring an informed decision was made.