Shareholder relations

Pirelli its tradition of transparency, pays particular attention to relations with shareholders, investors (institutional and private), with financial analysts, with other market participants, and, in general, with the financial community, in accordance with their mutual roles; Pirelli periodically organises meetings with them in Italy and abroad.

Moreover, the Investor Relations Department was set up in March 1999 in order to favour an on-going dialogue with the financial markets and placed under Valeria Leone in October 2008.

In order to have an open, immediate and transparent dialogue with all those in need of financial information on Pirelli, the Pirelli website has a section called "Investors" with all the information necessary for a first contact with Pirelli: from identifying characteristics of the Company to financial data, the drivers of the various Pirelli Group businesses to the opinions of financial analysts, from all the documentation made available to meetings with the financial community to accounting and corporate details.

For more information, see the investor section of the Pirelli website.