Pirelli provides information to customer-distributors and end customers on a continual basis. This information concerns both the product and related initiatives, and is disseminated in a variety of ways, including the main online channels, print communication activities and the range of offline and online training activities that have contributed to the success of Pirelli over the years.

Online communication has been strengthened in 2014: the revision of the websites and development on mobile devices has increased the number of views from 8 million to more than 9 million, confirming the growing trend of the use of online means as a fundamental touchpoint in the search/purchase of tyres. 

The role of customer services on digital platforms is fundamental: “tyres for your car”, the product catalogue and dealer locator confirm that customers are increasingly better informed and require clear and immediate answers to their research on the web, as well as mobility through smartphones. 70% of the total number of accesses to Pirelli sites comes from search engines.

In 2014 Pirelli also continued to inform its customers with a digital newsletter, Paddock News, whose main objective is to provide an additional means of communication and contact with the trade, consisting of an international edition, coordinated centrally from headquarters, and an edition in the local language for each market where Pirelli is present. Paddock News features a gallery of new products and news from the Company and its Business Units: Car, Motorcycle, Motorsport and Truck.

In the field of paper publications, the company magazines Pirelli World and, for Brazil, Giro continue to play a key role.

A critical step in online communication of the Industrial Business Unit was the release, on the occasion of the Essen trade fair in May 2014, the new Truck & Bus section on the Pirelli website, enriched with content aimed at engaging more directly with both insiders and audience at large. One example is the interactive demonstration of the dynamic mode of CyberFleet TM (one of the Pirelli Fleet Solutions that supports fleets from the perspective of safety and in a more efficient management of fuel consumption through the control and maintenance of tyre pressure) and videos of performance tests related to fuel consumption and wet braking. The Hanover Fair was highlighted on the website and through the specialist press, including digital, in partnership with TimoCom (European leader in the “Freight Exchange” sector) with which Pirelli shares the values and objectives of sustainable and efficient mobility, protection of the environment and cost optimisation in fleet management. In 2014, the distribution of TRUCK continued, the magazine dedicated to transport professionals published in four languages, which covered all the news of the Pirelli offer (products and services), but also useful information regarding tyre regulations and markings, an example of the entire introduction of 3PMSF marking also on truck tyres.

Product training was a very big activity on all markets, to illustrate the new products of the Company and the peculiar details of Pirelli branded tyres. A series of supports have been developed for training dealers about products, in order to explain the particular details of the Pirelli line and assist the trade in making sales pitches to end users. As well as hard copy materials videos have been made for dealer waiting rooms in order to explain the concept of the most appropriate tyre for each season, the principal recommendations of Pirelli experts and the tyres that are most suitable for each need.

At local level the Tyre Campus project has been reinforced, a project with which Pirelli aspires to excellence in product training, both in terms of content and methods, from factory visits to the R&D laboratories, up to simulations on the performance of the tyre. About 4,500 dealers from 17 countries have visited the two factories of Settimo Torinese (Italy) and Izmit (Turkey) in addition to the Vizzola circuit (Italy) and the R&D Centre in Milan. Information and training are therefore conducted with a global approach.

During the year, there was continued expansion of the Tyre Campus online training platform “The Road to Success”, covering 20 markets in all. This platform aims to grow the international coverage of training activities exponentially, by means of a homogeneous approach. Product training is delivered in a highly captivating style and with the metaphor of a path that leads towards the final goal of certification. Pirelli certifies all its dealers who complete the proposed product training successfully. The status of certified dealer is then included in the dealer locator and with a plaque to be placed in the point of sale. In this way the consumer is able to know which dealers are more knowledgeable regarding the technical features and benefits of all the products in the Pirelli range. The project for the dissemination of the platform is in a highly advanced stage and the roll-out is expected to be concluded in all markets by the end of 2015.

Also in order to support employees in trade training activities, the Tyre Campus Case tool was developed, designed to provide evidence of the characteristics of Pirelli tyres, the raw materials used for their manufacturing and the the differences in between the different treads. With this tool, Pirelli trainers around the world have specific and innovative support so that customers can personally verify the key characteristics of Pirelli products.