Quality procedures and policy

The effects of the Group Premium strategy are fully reflected in the Premium Quality Strategy of Pirelli.

Activities aimed at the analysis of quality perceived by the customer were continued in 2014, with extension of the survey scope worldwide and increase of the range of products for the various lines under observation. During the year, 1,487 visits were conducted in all continents and a total of 17 reports issued for the various product lines. For 2015, 1,600 visits in the market have been planned.

“Competence, transparency and the work of people in the team” have emerged as the three key elements underlying Quality. The world is rapidly changing, as are its habits and geographical areas, and this is represented in Pirelli’s Quality Premium concept. This was reiterated in November 2014 during the Pirelli World Quality Week, now in its 3rd edition and promoted in all Pirelli locations in the world, with as many as 529 events organised at affiliates and 20,361 participants.