In the field of advertising, since 2009 Pirelli has defined a traceable and transparent process for all decisions relating to advertising campaigns and their media planning, in the case of promotional activities managed either centrally or locally with central oversight. In terms of both advertising campaign production and media planning, Pirelli has defined specific auditing and certification structures that place the company at the highest levels in terms of transparency and traceability in its investment strategies. The Pirelli Group is associated with the UPA (Associated Advertising Union), where in 2014 it served once again as Vice President, devoting among other things its ongoing commitment to supporting the Advertising Code of Conduct issued by the association. 

The Group is also a member of IAP (Istituto dell’Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria, or the Advertising Self-Regulation Institute) and the Consumer Forum, an organisation set up by consumer associations and companies to safeguard and protect consumers.

Through the UPA, Pirelli is also a member of the WFA (World Federation of Advertisers), which commits participating firms to pursue honest, truthful and fair competition and communication in compliance with the Code of conduct and self-regulation they adhere to. Consumer protection is also guaranteed by the Company’s choice of suppliers in the communication sector (creative agencies, media centres, production companies) that in turn belong to business and professional associations governed by communications-related Codes of Ethics.