For years Pirelli has participated in the CDP Investor and in the CDP Supply Chain as requested by OE customers. Since 2014 Pirelli has also decided to extend the request for CDP assessment to its suppliers, from a perspective of full involvement and implementation of its Green Sourcing Policy.

Pirelli thus activated climate change performance monitoring of its key suppliers at Group level, identified according to criteria of environmental and economic materiality. CDP Supply Chain allows Pirelli to monitor Scope 3 emissions in its supply chain, in addition to ensuring adequate awareness of suppliers on climate change issues in order to identify and activate all possible opportunities to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. 

Already in its first year, the project had significant participation from Pirelli suppliers, which responded to the assessment by obtaining a disclosure score higher than the average of the panel of CDP companies. The analysis showed that, thanks to the actions to reduce emissions by Pirelli suppliers, in 2014 the emission of 65 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent was avoided, also making it possible to obtain economic savings of €681 million. 

Pirelli is the first company among tyre manufacturers to have officially introduced the CDP Supply Chain in its own supply chain.