Environmental dimension

The Values and Ethics Code of Pirelli states that “A key consideration in investment and business decisions is environmental sustainability, with the Group supporting eco-compatible growth, not least through the adoption of special technologies and production methods (where this is operationally feasible and economically viable) that allow for the reduction of the environmental impact of Group operations, in some cases even below statutory limits.”

The Pirelli approach to sustainable environmental management is set forth in accordance with the Sustainability System envisaged in the United Nations Global Compact, signed in 2004, and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. The above principles are also reiterated in the Group Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety, Rights and Environment, according to which Pirelli undertakes to:

  • assessing and reducing the environmental impact of its own products and services throughout their entire life cycle;
  • use of the most advanced technologies to achieve excellence in environmental protection;
  • manage its environmental activities in compliance with the highest international standards;
  • communicate and provide material information to internal and external stakeholders;
  • use material resources responsibly, in view of achieving sustainable growth that respects the environment and the rights of future generations;
  • establish and maintain appropriate procedures to evaluate and select suppliers and subcontractors on the basis of their commitment to environmental accountability.

In its Group Quality Policy, Pirelli specifies that continuous innovation, product excellence and safety, and environmental protection throughout the product life cycle represent one of the principal sources of sustainable competitiveness on the global market. Through adoption of the Green Sourcing Policy, all Group employees undertake to consider environmental aspects in all of their design and sourcing choices about goods and services.