This section of the report explores the management model of the relationship between Pirelli and its stakeholders, aimed at creating shared value and functional development of the financial, production, intellectual, human, natural, social and relational capitals. From the dialogue with stakeholders comes the materiality matrix of the elements of sustainable management (shown below), to which the 2020 sustainability targets within Company Plan (described in the following section) are fully aligned. This section addresses the analysis of the relationships and performance relating to stakeholders through three main areas, namely:

  • Economic Dimension, which sets out the distribution of added value as well as relationships and performance relating to shareholders, customers and suppliers;
  • Environmental Dimension which describes sustainable management throughout the entire life cycle of the product;
  • Social Dimension, which includes sections dedicated to Human Rights Governance, Internal Community and External Community.

The quantitative data reported show the evolution in 2014 compared to 2013 and 2012, with a view to the 2015 and/or multi-annual targets.

For detailed reading about the aknowledgements received by Pirelli in 2014, whose diversity reflects the sustainable approach across the value chain and to the stakeholders as a whole, please see the specific section on the Pirelli website: