Company initiatives for the external community

As stated in the Ethical Code of the Group, Pirelli endorses and, where appropriate, gives support to educational, cultural, and social initiatives for promoting personal development and improving living standards. The Company does not provide contributions, advantages, or other benefits to political parties or trade union organizations, or to their representatives or candidates, this without prejudice to its compliance with any relevant legislation.

Since its founding in 1872, Pirelli has been aware that it plays an important role in promoting civil progress in all the communities in which it operates and, capitalising on the natural strengths of the company, has identified three areas of focus: road safety, technical training and solidarity through sporting activities for youngsters.

Pirelli has adopted an internal procedure for years to regulate the distribution of gifts and contributions to the External Community by Group companies and in relation to the roles and responsibilities of the functions involved, the operational process of planning, realising and monitoring the initiatives, as well as making disclosures about these projects.

A key contribution to the initiatives which best satisfy local requirements is made by the dialogue with locally operating NGOs. Priority is given to those initiatives whose positive effects on the External Community are tangible and measurable according to objective criteria.

The internal procedure also specifies that no initiatives may be taken in favour of beneficiaries for whom there is direct or indirect evidence of violation of human rights, worker rights, environmental protection or business ethics.

Road safety

Pirelli is synonymous worldwide not only with high performance, but also safety. Together with environmental protection, road safety is the key element of the Green Performance strategy which inspires the Group’s industrial and commercial choices. Pirelli’s commitment to road safety takes the form of numerous training and awareness-raising activities, but above all is translated into research and the ongoing application of innovative technological solutions for sustainable transport.

Pirelli is also highly focused on the road accident reduction objectives identified by the European Commission in the European Road Safety Charter, of which the Company is a signatory with the following undertakings:

  • contributing to consumer knowledge of the basic elements of road safety, through experience and safe driving courses;
  • raising awareness among young drivers regarding the causes of road accidents, through specific initiatives which in 2014 involved, as an example: in France, the continuation of the pilot project in close collaboration with universities, which involved 40,000 youths attending crash test demonstrations; in Turkey, the continuation of an online training course on road safety developed by Pirelli, with a focus on the importance of tyres, which has been attended by some 12,000 students since 2012, and in China, digital marketing campaigns, which have affected 230,000 users, with a safety message related to the importance of choosing the right tyres for different uses;
  • provide information materials at points of sale on road safety in winter, with the support of the Pirelli website (potential of reaching 9 million users worldwide in a year) and sites dedicated to information on winter ordinances;
  • organise training seminars in collaboration with associations, on issues of road safety directly related to the tyre and to its use (Spain);
  • training of dealers internationally on the importance of the tyre in road safety, the differences between performance of a winter tyre compared to a summer tyre etc. The activity has been running for two years and has involved most of the countries in which Pirelli has a direct presence;
  • participate actively in the national programmes on road safety, together with associations, institutions, universities (in Turkey), car and motorcycle manufacturers, or, as in Italy, working with law enforcement for the preparation of a useful form for detecting the use status of the tyres.

In particular, in Italy Pirelli has been engaged in providing training dedicated to dealers throughout the country with a focus on safety, highlighting the differences in performance between summer, winter and all-season tyres (70 training courses aimed at all sales channels). The company was also in charge of the definition of the summer/winter tests within Assogomma and participated actively in road tests with the involvement of state agencies, journalists and specialists from the automotive sector. Lastly, Pirelli has created a dedicated website with updates on the winter ordinances in Italy (

In Romania, Pirelli has launched a training programme on road safety at high schools. In Turkey it has launched, in collaboration with Dogus Automotive, a large e-learning project on road safety at college level called “Traffic is Life – Traffic Safety”: the course, entitled to university credit, was introduced in ten universities and selected by about 12,000 students.

The Ciclovias Amigas programme was launched in Brazil to raise awareness about traffic and road safety regulation topics, by presenting stage plays for public school students and several more disadvantaged schools.

In Russia, Pirelli promoted a movement in favour of “gentle driving” and in Kirov, in collaboration with the local traffic police and the newspaper Autograph, organised a competition among 300 drivers based on the rules of good driving, with prizes awarded in the central city square in front of an audience of over 1,000 people. In the central square of Kirov, several times in the year, Pirelli has also organised a playground with small electric cars, which engaged around 500 children and their parents in the learning of traffic rules. Also in Russia, in Voronezh Pirelli organised a seminar for driving school managers, in collaboration with the Regional Traffic Police.

In Mexico Pirelli participates in the “Pilotos por la Seguridad Vial”, a project for the dissemination of the culture of safety through education, testimonials from professional drivers, monitoring and research. In 2015, when the Formula 1 returns to Mexico, Pirelli will launch an educational program on road safety related to the use of F1 driving simulators.

In France Pirelli collaborates with the racing car driver Pascal Dragotto in a crash test initiative to teach the risks of driving to the public and in particular to students at school. The driver has taken his show to 150 schools and universities in France, with an audience of about 400 students at each show.

In China, as in other countries of the world, Pirelli has used social media channels to launch important messages on road safety and tyre maintenance.

In many countries around the world Pirelli collaborates with car manufacturers in various driver training activities.

In regard to heavy vehicle transport, in 2014 Pirelli Truck continued the activities it had already undertaken in previous years relating to sustainable mobility and road safety.

There was a major release on the website,, of the CyberFleet system tutorial, which offered fleet managers the chance to quantify the benefits of correct measurement of the pressure and temperature of the tyres in terms of regularity of wear, fuel economy and road safety. During the year, meetings have also been organised at European level with fleets and dealers, aimed at raising awareness about sustainability in freight transport through the introduction of tools for tyre pressure monitoring (Cyber and FleetCheck systems).

Multiple initiatives in favour of education for road safety also by the Pirelli Motorcycle Business Unit, which in 2014 continued its collaboration with driving schools for the development of practical and safe on- and off-road experience. The following collaborations are worthy of particular mention: in Germany with Action Team, ADAC – Ressort Motorsport, BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Hechlingen, BMW Motorrad Race Academy; in the UK with BMW Motorrad Off Road Skills; in France with ZEBRA, EASYMONNERET, H2S; in Spain with BMW Motorrad Enduropark Aras Rural; in Italy with BMW Motorrad GS Academy.      


The promotion of technical education and training are very old values that are well-established in the history of Pirelli.

The Group continues to benefit from technical and research cooperation with various universities around the world, beginning with the Milan and Turin Polytechnic Universities, and also the Shandong University in China and the University of Craiova in Romania, among others. Technical training is particularly important for Pirelli, including but not only in terms of creating a pool of skilled labour needed to optimise productivity in its factories.

In Egypt, Pirelli has been running a major project with Al Amreya Industrial Secondary School: after having been occupied in recent years of total renovation of the structure, from the sewer to the classrooms, Pirelli has continued with the training of three classes of students specialising in motor maintenance.

In Turkey there are extensive teaching programmes by volunteer experts from Pirelli at technical schools and universities, in addition to the sponsorship of Turk Pirelli Primary School and Turk Pirelli High School with support for ad hoc maintenance initiatives.

In Brazil, Pirelli supports Educandário Imaculado Coracao de Maria Amelia Rodrigues, a school for basic education run by Italian nuns, with 1,200 children, and sponsors a social project for IT training of students after school. In Argentina, the Merlo factory hosts students for technical training projects.

In Yanzhou, China, Pirelli has an active internship programme: selected students from the universities with which Pirelli works come to participate in training activities at the factory in the areas of product quality, safety and research. Also in China, Pirelli has signed an agreement with the University of Qingdao for Science and Technology, which provides 25 scholarships for outstanding students. Through an Italian-Chinese association, Pirelli offered its knowledge on the subject of career paths also at Shanghai Fudan University.

In Romania, Pirelli collaborates extensively with the University of Craiova, among other things on a new pilot project to create professional technical paths in various high schools in the area, actively involving students in training plans directly at the factory. Besides teaching mechanical expertise, Pirelli during the year, has set up several workshops at three different universities on: materials, manufacturing quality and computing. Also in Romania, the “Train Yourself for Success” programme involved 79 students from Alexe Marin College and 39 others from Metalurgic College in Slatina. The training was focused on the electrical and mechanical skills required in the production process at the factory, as well as modules on Health, Safety and Environment and problem-solving. 40 students finished the course and 25 were selected for a summer apprenticeship at Pirelli, which places them on the priority list for new hires.

In the UK, Pirelli continues organising apprenticeship courses, in collaboration with local technical schools, and providing sponsorship for careers fairs, while in Spain it promotes research with awards. In Russia it is involved in a collaboration with the University of Engineering Technology of Voronezh, with a programme of lectures devoted to the chemical engineering of elastomers, mechanics and ecological engineering. In 2014 the programme involved about 200 students and five talents have been selected for recruitment at the factory. At Kirov, 20 students from the Vyatka University have done internships at the Pirelli factory, which has also opened its doors to visits from school groups.    

Sport and social responsibility

There is a close link between solidarity and sport, in a virtuous circle where commitment to sports becomes synonymous with the commitment to promoting solidarity and ethics, especially amongst young people. Getting young people involved in sport is a way to teach the notion of integration to children from different social groups, and helps prevent negative situations like isolation and solitude.

Pirelli signed a global agreement not only for the sponsorship of the professional football club FC Internazionale Milano ("Inter"), but also as a partner of the global social project Inter Campus. Since 1997, Inter Campus has developed social, flexible cooperation and long-term actions in 29 countries around the world with the support of 200 local operators, using football as an educational tool to offer needy boys and girls aged between 6 and 13 each year the right to play.

Since 2008, Inter, Pirelli and Comunità Nuova have been running the Inter Campus social project in Slatina, Romania. The sporting and recreational activities are organised for the entire year, involving over 80 children from different social contexts who through football have been learning the values of teamwork, social integration and friendship for more than two years. Since 2012 Pirelli and Inter have replicated the experience of Inter Campus in Mexico: Inter Campus Silao, near the Pirelli factory, inaugurated by President Felipe Calderon, involves about 150 children from the area. In the United States, the first Inter Campus was opened in 2014 by Pirelli and Inter together with the Youri Djorkaeff Foundation. The Campus is located in the community of Inwood, an area within New York City, and involves more than 120 children. Also in 2014, Pirelli and Inter together opened an Inter Campus project in Voronezh, Russia, involving two local orphanages: in May the construction of the football field was completed and 100 team shirts were distributed to the children.

In Argentina the Company sponsored the Pirelli Cup 2014, a major national summer soccer tournament. Pirelli also sponsors baseball in Venezuela through the Pirelli Baseball School, which is attended by more than 300 children and teenagers; basketball, volleyball, soccer running and cycling in Brazil; and basketball in Spain, to mention but a few.

In the United States Pirelli sponsored the local team Rome Braves in Georgia, as well as various sporting events related to philanthropy, especially with a donation to R.A.C.E. (Racing Awareness Charity Events of Rome).

In the UK, Pirelli successfully organised a rally in Carlisle for the Richard Burns Foundation which helps medical research, as well as a charity football tournament with donations for a local hospice. It also sponsored various other sporting events linked to philanthropic fund-raising.

In Kirov, Russia, in addition to sponsoring the ice hockey club Soyuz for 50 boys of around 10-12 years, Pirelli organised an ice hockey tournament to promote “healthy living”: it was attended by 6 youth teams and 4 teams of local adults, making a total of 240 people. In Kirov, Pirelli also supported a local car rally in which 140 drivers took part.

In Egypt, Pirelli began a philanthropic project of construction of a sports centre for youths on a plot of 3,000 square metres donated by the Ministry of Youth. The centre will be the site of many activities, including the "Pirelli League Cup," a semi-annual sports tournament.     


The responsible approach taken by Pirelli to involvement and inclusion takes the form of social solidarity throughout the world.

The Company supports educational programmes that can give less fortunate children the tools to escape poverty. It contributes scholarships and research projects, firmly believing in training as a key to individual growth and the economic growth of a country.

In Brazil, for example, where Pirelli has historically been active in the local community with social projects, the Company provided an after-school programme for about 450 children in the city of Feira de Santana, near the Pirelli factory, with 15 different types of activities. There are similar projects near the factories in Gravatai and Sumaré, which are aimed at social inclusion and include music and dance activities in addition to the more traditionally didactic activities. Near Sao Paulo, in the areas of Campinas and Elias Fausto, support continued for Projeto Guri, a project for the teaching of musical instruments and singing to 477 children from more disadvantaged social classes.

Also in Brazil, Pirelli supports Dr. Klaide kindergartens in Santo André and Escadinha do Tempo in Meleiros, which provide not only educational activities but also medical, dental and psychologists’ visits, in addition to food, for 200 Brazilian children. Since 2013 Pirelli has been providing support to the Centro de Convivência Santa Dorotéia in Grajaú, which organised computer courses combined with drug awareness education.

In 2014 a new sponsorship activity involved a radio and television programme hosted by a visually impaired presenter, Professor Roberto Bolonhini, which raises awareness among an audience of a million and a half people on the issues of the disabled and the rights of consumers.

Pirelli supports the Fundació Mambre in Spain, a foundation that operates as facilitator in social inclusion processes, supporting homeless people on their individual growth paths. In addition, the Company supports programmes providing food for needy families, and a warehouse for the storage of food for the poor.

In China Pirelli provides support to the poorest families in the community with donations of food and money. In Russia, the employees at the Kirov factory gave support to an orphanage, by organising activities and gifts for the children there.

In Turkey, Pirelli has continued to support the Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Disabled Children (ZİÇEV), which deals with 95 children, offering a sum that covers the supply of gas to heat the building. In May 2014, following the serious accident at the mine in Soma, Turkey, Pirelli donated funds for the school fees of the children of the 301 miners who lost their lives. Also in Turkey, Pirelli supports a draft horse therapy for mentally disabled children and makes donations of clothing and food for the economically disadvantaged.    


Pirelli considers contributions to improving the health services of the communities where it operates to be a priority.

Since 2008 Pirelli Tyres Romania, in collaboration with the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, has supported the professional training of medical and nursing professionals and the donation of medical equipment and devices to Slatina Hospital. Over 250 professionals were trained in this programme, and specifically in oncology, paediatric care and emergency care. Pirelli Tyres Romania has also provided dental treatment to around 200 children in Slatina through the project Overland for Smile.

In the UK, Pirelli’s philanthropic activities in health include sponsorships, fundraisers and donations for research and medical care, as well as the construction of a playroom in a paediatric hospital. In Spain, Pirelli made a donation for an important piece of hospital equipment, while in Turkey, the company organised training in first aid for the families of employees. 

In the USA, Pirelli made a donation for research into leukaemia. In Brazil, since 2010 Pirelli has supported the Pequeno Principe Hospital in Curitiba, the biggest paediatric hospital in Brazil. In Argentina it sponsored a marathon in support of sick children, in which the last edition saw more than 1,500 entrants. In Moscow, Pirelli sponsored another marathon, also for the care of sick children.     

Environmental initiatives

Many Pirelli employees around the world participate enthusiastically every year in environmental projects.

In Egypt, Pirelli launched a competition for the best ideas on the recycling of waste materials (pieces of wood, construction materials and so on) from the factory. Six teams took part, divided between two local villages, which, by reusing the materials selected, managed to refurbish an area within a day care centre.

Factory environmental projects of this type have also been organised in Turkey. In Venezuela also in 2014, Pirelli organised a large group of volunteers to clear beaches and adjacent public areas. In Romania, more than 100 volunteers were involved in the cleaning and restoration of degraded areas of nature in the forest of Strehareti, near the Pirelli factory in Slatina, and about 100 factory employees planted 80 trees in the area.

In China, Pirelli employees committed themselves to planting trees as part of the "Friendship Forest" project. In Mexico, Pirelli continued the commitment with the government of Guanajuato for a reforestation project.

In Voronezh in Russia, as well as having participated in the world day of recycling, Pirelli bought and planted 5,000 small oaks.     

Culture and social value

The internationality of Pirelli also emerges from the love for culture, with initiatives in many countries worldwide also in 2014. The attention to culture, and even more the commitment to preserve, spread and enhance it, are part of the DNA of the creation of social value.

Pirelli is among the sponsors of the Museum of Modern Art in San Paolo, one of the most significant facilities in Latin America which, alongside its permanent collection, every year offers important exhibitions, seminars, events and courses. Also in Brazil, Pirelli supported the “Made in Brazil” exhibition, the exhibition on the restoration of the Fonte das Nanas sculpture and the exhibition by Portuguese artist, Joana Vasconcelos. In the field of music, Pirelli sponsored the Mozarteum project, presented by major classical music orchestras in Brazil and Argentina, while in Brazil it provides sponsorship for a festival of choral music and the musical “Os Boêmios de Adoniran”.

In many countries Pirelli is conducting a mission, as an Italian multinational company, to protect and disseminate Italian culture abroad. Among the projects that have taken place in 2014 are the programmes dedicated to theatre, cinema and Italian music that took place respectively in Romania, the United Kingdom and Argentina. In the latter country Pirelli is also the sponsor of the Premio Lucio Fontana, which held its third edition in 2014, sponsored by the Consulate General of Italy in Buenos Aires and reserved for emerging artists of Italian descent living in Argentina.

Pirelli is also very attentive to the preservation of local cultures. In China it supports research on Confucianism by supporting the China Confucius Website. In the USA, in Rome (Georgia), it sponsors the Rome Council for the Arts. In Turkey an important concert was sponsored at the Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation. In Russia, two Pirelli sponsorships focused respectively on a media festival in Kirov and a charity ball in Voronezh.

In Brazil, Pirelli organised the restoration of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, the right hand of which was damaged by lightning in 2014.       

Pirelli foundation

One of the missions of the “Fondazione Pirelli”, or Pirelli Foundation, established in 2009, is the preservation of the Group’s historic and cultural heritage and the promotion of its corporate culture through local initiatives and projects having a strong social impact, exhibition activities, as well as collaborations with other cultural institutions.

Numerous projects were carried out again in 2014 to develop and promote the Pirelli archives. In particular, these included:

  • Digital document management platform for the scientific treatment of inventory data according to international cataloguing standards. In 2015 the site will be made available in an English version.
  • An exhibition path dedicated to winter tyres through photographs, advertisements and films from the 1950s and 1960s by great artists such as E. Scopinich, A. Mendini, B. Noorda, etc., and the technical drawings (recovered and reconditioned) that inspired the design of Pirelli tyres in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Participation in the “Settimana della Cultura d’Impresa” (Corporate Culture Week) promoted by Confindustria with two initiatives to enhance the historic sites of Pirelli and its cultural heritage: “A Night at the Museum” at the Foundation as well as guided tours of the Bicocca degli Arcimboldi and the former cooling tower now enclosed at the Pirelli headquarters, initiatives in which in more than 600 people have taken part.
  • Volume “Una musa tra le ruote (A muse in the wheels) “Pirelli: a century of art in the service of the product” (published in 2015), which traces the history of Pirelli communications from 1872 to 1972 through 200 works by great artists, such as A. Testa, B. Munari, R. Manzi, B. Noorda and E. Bonini used to advertise Pirelli products.
  • The “Fondazione Pirelli Educational” project, designed for students with the aim of bringing young people closer to the world of production and work and the values on which the Pirelli business culture is based. In 2014 the offering of educational and creative courses was greatly expanded: the different issues already covered such as the history and technology of the tyre, graphics and advertising and urban transformation, were accompanied by new ones such as photography and corporate films, the organisation of work within a factory, the journey, art. In 2014 about 55 classes formed part of the project, for a total of over 1,200 children and teens.
  • “Bambini in Bicocca” project (“Children in Bicocca”). For the second consecutive year the Foundation collaborated with the Human Resources Department on the project, creating the educational and training courses aimed at employees’ children welcomed into the company during school break days. The children had the opportunity to visit the their parents’ workplaces, to visit the Historical Archive and enter the world of music under the guidance of the maestro, Salvatore Accardo. Over 7 days, the project involved more than 200 children aged between 6 and 10.
  • Educational activities for university students (about 200) from leading universities and graduate schools, support for undergraduates in the preparation of their theses.
  • “Restyling” project for the new paediatric wing at Niguarda Hospital, in which the Foundation participated by providing students from NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan) with its iconographic heritage that will be used for the redefinition of the decorative elements and signs within the new wing at the Hospital.

Moreover, since 2010 the Foundation has had a seat on the Board of Trustees of the Scuola dell’Infanzia G.B. Pirelli kindergarten in Varenna, Province of Lecco, just as it actively supports the activities of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Leopoldo Pirelli high school in Rome, where the annual Premio Leopoldo Pirelli prize was established in 2011, and reserved as a scholarship for particularly worthy students. Pirelli also continues its collaboration with the Fondazione Agnelli and the Fondazione Garrone in the Associazione per la Formazione d’Eccellenza.

Over 2014, approximately 5,000 researchers, students, historians and designers visited the Foundation headquarters and conducted research at the Pirelli Historic Archive. The Foundation also provided about 1,500 of its archive materials for exhibitions and publications, also internationally.

The development and promotion of the enormous artistic heritage of the Group also relies on digital communication. In addition to the website, implemented with the Educational section, the Foundation constantly updates its Facebook and Pinterest pages.    


HangarBicocca, which with its 15,000 square meters is one of the largest exhibition venues in Europe, is a space dedicated to the production, exhibition and promotion of contemporary art, created in 2004 from the reconversion of a vast industrial facility that belonged to Ansaldo-Breda. The programming of solo exhibitions of the most important international artists is distinguished by a character of research and experimentation and special attention to site-specific projects able to dialogue with the unique features of the space. The project was revived in 2012 with the conviction that contemporary art is a priority area for research, experimentation and critical reflection on the most important contemporary themes: values that have been part of the corporate culture of Pirelli for more than 140 years. Pirelli is Co-Founder and Promoter of HangarBicocca Foundation.

The artistic programme of 2014 - curated by Artistic Director Vicente Todolí and curator Andrea Lissoni - presented artists of great international profile in HangarBicocca, alternating exhibitions by renowned artists with those of emerging artists. The program managed to attract an Italian and international audience composed up of art experts, representatives of the most important museums, specialised journalists and the general press, as well as an equally large number of enthusiasts, families and students. During the year there was a total attendance of 200,000 visitors. 

Six exhibitions were presented in 2014: 

  • Dieter Roth, Björn Roth. Islands;
  • Cildo Meireles. Installations;
  • Gusmão & Paiva. Papagaio;
  • Joan Jonas. Light Time Tales;
  • Céline Condorelli. bau bau.

The vocation of HangarBicocca is that of a space which is open to the city and its hinterland, of an institution that accompanies its normal exhibition activities with a range of programmes intended to attract the general public to contemporary art. 

In 2014, through a full calendar of events, guided tours to the exhibitions and the district, the HB Public programme accompanied the exhibitions with projections and meetings with the key players in art and culture. During the year, there were about 70 cultural events (daytime and/or evening) that engaged more than 5,000 visitors in activities related to current exhibitions. The calendar of musical events, curated by Pedro Rocha, which accompanies the exhibitions with performances and live music by international artists which the exhibition spaces, was particularly well-received. 

For young people, HangarBicocca created the HB Kids programme that offers creative activities and workshops to introduce children aged 4 to 14 to the languages of contemporary art: in 2014 the Education Department presented 150 creative paths and 40 projections attended by about 3,000 children, of whom more than half were aged between 4 and 6. For students from all types and level of schools, HangarBicocca conceived the HB School programme, which complements traditional art education with a methodology inspired by the principle of educating with art. In 2014 more than 4,800 students took part in the HB School activities. 

Between 2013 and 2014 HangarBicocca further strengthened relations with major international museums and official cultural bodies of many countries. These include: MoMa in New York, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, MACBA in Barcelona, Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid, Camden Arts Centre in London, Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, MIT in Boston and the Louvre in Paris. 

The activity at HangarBicocca generates a significant amount of induced employment: in 2014 the holding of exhibitions and major initiatives involved 36 companies and generated 9,900 person-days of work.