Employer branding

For quite some time now, Pirelli has devoted specific resources to Employer Branding as it considers it crucial to present itself to the market as employer of choice, transmitting its characteristic features to the world at large. There are three drivers that distinguish the Group: Business, People and Change, within which the principles on which Pirelli bases its management approach are defined.

The Company strongly believes in the spread of the excellence of Pirelli as an instrument of attraction and, accordingly, during Employer Branding activities, particularly with young people, wants to pass on some of the Group’s key principles, such as technological know-how and product innovation, technological and commercial leadership in the high-end segment of the market, the tension of our people towards the results and the meritocracy that has always ensured growth for the best resources both locally and internationally.

In addition to conveying Pirelli’s business principles, the Employer Branding is also a valuable tool to give visibility to job opportunities aimed at new graduates, not only on the Italian market but also globally. Considering only the countries where Pirelli has a presence with one or more production plants in Europe, the United States, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Asia Pacific, about 180 events, projects and meeting points were organised in 2014, where the Company promoted its own employer branding initiatives.

These activities are carried out also thanks to the network of contacts and partnerships with some prestigious universities in several countries, such as the Beijing University of Chemical Technology in Beijing, the University of Munich in Germany, the Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, the University Politehnic of Bucharest in Romania, the ESIC - Business Marketing School in Spain, the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina, the Universidad Tecnológica del Centro in Venezuela, the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de México, the Keio University in Japan and The American University of Cairo in Egypt. As for the projects developed in this area at headquarter level, Pirelli collaborates actively with its own university partners: Politecnico of Milan, Politecnico of Turin, Bocconi University, Catholic University, University of Turin. These universities are considered partners for the type of students they attract, mainly economists and engineers, and because they are physically close to the headquarters in Italy. With these institutions, Pirelli has organised Careers Days, roundtables, Job Fairs, as well as business presentations and meetings with students directly at the company, aimed at giving them a “hands-on” experience of the reality of the Group.

Pirelli is also present on the internet with the publication of Company Profile and job ads on targeted sites including, in particular, LinkedIn and Monster. As for LinkedIn, from December 2013 to December 2014, the number of followers almost doubled from 64,000 to 113,000. Monster remains one of the principal channels for hiring new university graduates, together with Job Meeting and Job Advisor.

Visibility and promotion through universities and significant web presence allowed the Company to carry on successfully, also in 2014, the process of recruitment and selection of new graduates, which has resulted in the inclusion of about 100 young people in internships at the Group’s Italian premises.

Employer Branding in general also helped to achieve other important results in the recruiting and selection of personnel: in 2014 in fact 763 white collars were recruited in 35 different locations, mainly in Brazil, Russia, Romania and at the headquarters in Milan. Most of these resources, whose average age is 31, were included in the Sales & Marketing area and staff functions.